Hotel, Restaurant & Barware Refurbishment

We are a one-stop shop for all your hotel wares, bar wares, and restaurant wares refurbishment and this is how we give your existing wares a brand new, resplendent and glittering look beside saving up to 70% of your hotel wares cost.

So why spend your money on new hotel wares when we can refurbish the existing ones?

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Our Services

Our aim is to help our clients cut their cost of buying new furniture, décor items, equipment and cutlery by refurbishing their existing wares

Cut Upto 70 Percent Cost

Of Your Hotelware, Kitchenware, Furniture, Cutlery and Home Decor


Brand new life and look to old wares

Now we need not buy new cutlery as often as we had to before. I had always wanted to do away with spending stupendous amount of money on buying new hotel wares.

Friendly and effective client service

Earlier we had to spend a huge amount of money replacing our old cutlery, tablewares and furniture but now, thanks to Britepolishings, we don’t have to spend even half as much.

Our Clients