Our services include a wide spectrum of things. The services we provide are given ahead


When we shine metal, wood or composites with a cloth wheel impregnated with cutting compounds or rogues, it is called buffing. There are usually two operations in buffing namely – cut buff and finish buff.

Our staff have extensive hands-on experience and we use the same expertise to maximize results.


Your hotel wares lose shine over time and you have to buy new ones year after year. However, you can do away with buying new ones by repolishing your existing hotel wares.

In the process of repolishing, we recreate a smooth and shiny surface on your hotel wares to provide a brand new glittery look which will not only impress your guests but also encourage them to leave positive feedback about their hotel stay.


Through electroplating, we coat a base metal with another one. In order to electroplate an item, we prepare a solution called electrolyte. When we plate an item with gold, a gold salt electrolyte is used. Then we dip the item in the solution along with a solid piece of the plating metal. Then we connect them to an electric source, with the positive lead connected to the plating metal and the negative connected to the item. The salt is broken apart by the electric current and the positively charged metal ions are attracted to the negatively charged item. Thus the item is coated by them and get electroplated.

Electroplating gives lustre to the item and increases the heat resistance. Also, it is used to prevent corrosion which increases the durability of the item.

EPNS on Cutlery

EPNS stands for “Electro Plated Nickel Silver”. Nickel Silver (or occasionally stainless steel) is the base metal onto which silver is plated. Despite its name, Nickel Silver contains no silver at all but is an alloy of Nickel, Zinc & Copper. A layer of pure silver is deposited electrolytically on the base metal to give a silver finish.

We offer EPNS finishing for cutlery and other items that you might feel are in need of a facelift. Silver, Copper, Brass or Nickel plating is available. EPNS items are the most common form of silver plate and this can be easily re-plated.

Wood Polishing

Our wood polishing services can help restore your wooden furniture, staircase or woodenware to a beautiful shine, sealing in its stain with natural waxes and oils, which are the best in the industry. We are committed to creating natural looking polish on your woodwares that will look good for years to come.